Guest Speakers

At some of our Quarterly Makeup Artists Socials we have a Guest Speaker. We invite anyone that has something to offer freelance makeup artists to improve their business. Many of our Guest Speakers also bring a "Door Prize" to give away at the social they are speaking at; however, that is optional. Below are some of the guest speakers that have spoken at our previous social events:

Sheila McKenna, President and Founder of Kett Cosmetics

Sheila is an industry veteran with over 20 years experience in makeup artistry.  Her work has been seen in film, television, print, theatre and runway. In the year 2000, after hi-definition cameras forever elevated the standard of digital video, she developed a line of professional airbrush cosmetics.  Relying on a hi-def camera as her microscope, she created Kett Cosmetics with the needs of the modern artist in mind. Kett’s entire range was produced in the lab and tested in the studio in front of high-definition and digital cameras. To this day, Kett’s airbrush and compressor system, known as the Kett Jett, is the only system in the world developed by makeup artists for makeup artists.
For over ten years, Kett Cosmetics has supplied the film and television industries with products able to stand up to the unforgiving lens of the high-definition camera. Today, Kett’s line of highly effective airbrush foundations, liquid pigments and setting powders provide long-lasting, flawless coverage with the flexibility to create endless looks. And most importantly, Kett Cosmetics are created with the health of its wearers and the earth


Stephen Moleski

Stephen Moleski's meteoric rise in the makeup industry can be attributed to his notable body of work and A-list celebrity clients. His work in the film, music, television, fashion and glamour realms have paved an impressive career, contributing to his demand and stature Internationally, thus making him the go-to for celebrity glamour on every red carpet. A featured artist on multiple top-rated E! Network shows, Moleski is widely-credited as the means that firmly placed style queen Kim Kardashian on the beauty scene. His signature “smokey eye” has become synonymous with his name while his appearances on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “E! News,” “Girls Next Door,” “Extra” and “The Insider” have made his face as recognizable as his talent. Stephen has also been named “Best Makeup Artist” By Jezebel, Atlantan Magazine and named “Top 100” Makeup Artist in the world by Shear TV.Moleski’s clientele base is as varied and vast as his credits— America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars(US,AUS), Xfactor(AUS,US), American Idol, Vanity Fair, People, Details, FHM, Radar, Maxim, Playboy, Women's Health. Many others have all benefited from this his work. Stars such as Mel B., Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian, Julianne Hough, Adrienne Bailon, Nadja Bjorlin and Kim Zolciak have all become loyal clients and his biggest fans. Stephen currently is based out of Atlanta, GA. but available for travel.


Eva Jane Bunkley

Eva Jane Bunkley has been a professional freelance makeup artist, based in the Atlanta area since 1993 and has worked in television for many years.  Eva Jane earned her first two Emmy Awards for her work with 11Alive!/WXIA and Fox 5/WAGA.  She also did makeup for the Emmy nominated, Judge Hatchett Show.  She has a wide list of celebrity faces that her hands have had the privilege to touch, including President Jimmy Carter, Usher, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tichina Arnold, Jennifer Holliday, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Charles S. Dutton, Cicely Tyson, Creflo, Taffi Dollar and many other.

Eva Jane is also the creator and owner of The Makeup Bullet. Visit



Patrice G Coleman

Patrice is president and owner of Patrice G. Coleman Enterprises, a professional makeup artistry and image consulting company. She has been one of the nation’s most highly sought after professional makeup and hair artists with extensive experience in film, television, stage and print media. Patrice served as head makeup artist for Tyler Perry Studios television shows for seven years and personal to Tyler Perry for 11 years. Attention to detail and ability to interpret creative concepts has afforded her the opportunity to work with a myriad of local, national, and international clients. Throughout her career Patrice has worked extensively in advertising with an impressive list of clients. Depth of experience and creativity has allowed Patrice to also work in the television and motion picture industries with over 50 movies to her credit ranging from independent films to major motion pictures. A woman of vision, passion, and determination, she created Patrice G. Coleman Enterprises to expand her reach in the delivery of signature services and products. She has established a team of highly trained professionals to represent her company. They work cohesively to provide services to clients that reach beyond expectation.

Patrice is also the creator and owner of DaBlot. Visit

Shaundra Welch, My Clutter Angel

Straight from the farm in Oklahoma, Shaundra learned quickly the value of a hard day's work.  After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Marketing/PR degree, she jumped straight into her first corporate job. That career path spanned 14 years with companies such as Texas Motor Speedway, Interstate Batteries and The Home Depot.  The final company is who led her to where she now calls home. 

In 2007, she left Texas for Georgia. This Oklahoma country girl now turned Georgian began a surprising and crazy journey to de-clutter six years ago after getting married and having her clutter discovered! After surviving six months of learning how to do and see things differently, the desire to help others through their clutter chaos, was born.

Shaundra's business foundation is simple and is found in Romans 12:2 ~ Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...

Her mind had to be renewed so that she would be transformed. It’s been almost four years since she unpacked the last of her 115 boxes of “clutter.” She is now an organizer by destiny rather than by design. Shaundra realized her “stuff” was an outward representation of a deeper inner issue. She is now clutter free both inside and out with a sense of peace and freedom! 

She has since left the corporate world behind and now desires to walk alongside others battling their hidden clutter-buggy lives helping them clear-out their homes and hearts. So, if you or someone you know seems to be suffocating, is overwhelmed or buried beneath "stuff", make the call. There is no shame, no judgment in where you are. Plus all services are kept strictly confidential. There really is light on the other side of that pile.

David Kurkoski, Founder and President of Aesthetic Solutions, Inc.

David has more than 21 years of experience in the Aesthetic field. Working in many spa and medical markets has enabled Mr. Kurkoski to gain a tremendous amount of insight and knowledge that he has utilized to ensure client success.

He has been a  speaker at multiple spa and medical seminars. He has lectured on the subject of, creating, implementing, and maintaining a profitable aesthetic practice throughout the Southeast. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany. His is an avid skydiver, and is very involved in the community. Mr. Kurkoski currently resides in Atlanta Georgia with his wife and two daughters.


Kris Cole, Image Consultant

Kris Woodard, member Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), is the founder of KRIS COLE Image Consulting. Ms. Woodard is an internationally certified image consultant and trained at the London Image Institute with industry leader and current AICI president Lynne Marks. She has also trained with AICI board members and industry leaders Sonya Barnes, Kelly Machbitz, and Atlanta AICI Chapter President, Sarah Hawthorne in the areas of media, etriquette, and color analysis.
Ms. Woodard has extensive experience in fashion, sales, speaking, and training. As a former fashion model, high end boutique manager, and buyer for several elite fashion retailers Ms. Woodard is able to tap into an array of designers, fashion chains and experts to keep abreast of latest trends and provide clients access to the best services and products available. Ms. Woodard’s dual experience in fashion and corporate worlds gives her unique insights into the skill sets and requirements for success - credibility, confidence, and charisma. In addition, Ms. Woodard has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Sociology and has several years experience developing and delivering educational training and motivational products to a wide array of audiences. This enables Ms. Woodard to bring professionalism, creativity, and passion to any image presentations. Ms. Woodard has worked with renowned television costumers as well as various entertainers, professional basketball and football players, and corporate executives. Her clients and mentors say they can always depend on her for an honest opinion, accurate knowledge, and impeccable eye for detail. They also trust her to make them look and feel their best in any given situation. Ms. Woodard takes pride in the work that she creates for all of her clients and if given the KRIS COLE stamp of approval, it is sure to SHINE. Ms. Woodard is also passionate about making others feel confident, whole and beautiful, while giving back to her community. She has provided various motivational speaking sessions to non-profit organizations and is developing her own non-profit which will debut in 2010. The focus will be on a world wide initiative to increase self esteem, refine image, and improve economic status. She will work with youth and adults who may be struggling to find the financial resources and the inner beauty that we all abundantly possess. Ms. Woodard is currently a Fulton County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and provides a professional voice for abused and neglected foster children.

Nadein Abercrombie, It Works Independent Distributor

Nadein Abercrombie is a native Georgia girl, mother of 3 beautiful children and loving wife to one handsome guy. Her love of the beauty industry led her to pursue a dream of becoming a master cosmetologist and gain her certification in reflexology. She works as a Lab Assistant at Lanier Technical College and as a stylist at Headlines Studio in Gainesville. Because Nadein has always believed that true beauty is really about enhancing the beautiful features God gave you, she jumped at the opportunity to become an independent distributor with It Works Global, a wholefoods supplement and cosmetic company.

The flagship products are the Ultimate Body Applicator, featured in “grab bags” at the Oscars and Grammys, and the Ultimate Facial Applicator. These products are both botanical and wholefoods based applicators that work in as little as 45 minutes. Body applicators can be applied anywhere on the body to help tighten, tone and firm that area. 9 out of 10 customers see visible and measurable results with their first application. The facial applicators hydrate, correct tone and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize sun damage. Because the skin is the largest organ on the body, it requires great nutrition to look its best and these applicators work both on the skin and inside the body to produce visible and exciting results from the outside – in. With these botanical products, customers can reverse the signs of aging, diminish stretch marks and skin dimpling and tone up that trouble spot without expensive surgery. A unique, simple and effective add on service to help build up clientele, these wraps are easy to use and even easier to sell. Because everyone, no matter their body type, has a “problem area” and because everyone wants to look younger, Nadein knew she was onto something and that these “Crazy Wraps” would appeal to virtually every client in all disciplines of the beauty industry.

Toni V. Martin, Beauty Brand Breakthrough

Toni V. Martin is a beauty-industry veteran whose marketing, journalism, publish-ing and public relations experience led her to found PowerBroker Media, a content marketing agency. From her wealth of experience writing for national magazines like Allure and Spa, contributing to beauty sites like and eHow as well as delivering results to consumer beauty brands, Toni is able to share insider details on what beauty pros and brands need to do to cut through the clutter of the competition to secure their place in the spotlight. In her presentation “Beauty Brand Breakthrough,” you’ll learn 3 Phases of a Beauty Brand and how to pinpoint where pros get stuck each step of the way:

  • Set The Stage: In order to capitalize on your unique brand presence, you need to make sure your business runs like a well-oiled machine. If you’re tired of feast-or-famine, feeling like you’re doing everything by yourself and not having a plan, you need Strategy, Systems and Support to see real results as a beauty pro.
  • Step into the Spotlight with Targeted Marketing: Are you tired of throwing good money after bad when it comes to getting marketing advice? Do you have a strategy for your social media, or did someone just tell you you “need” to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. If you do have marketing strategies in place, how sure are you that they’re bringing in revenue? If you want to have a measurable plan of attack for your marketing that makes dollars and sense, you need Targeted Marketing with Effortless Content Creation.
  • Steal the Show with Thought Leadership: Are you a well-known beauty brand, but imitators and competitors are stealing your market share? Do you have a method that sets you apart from the rest, provides you with end-less media opportunities and establishes your position as an Icon of the Industry?

Shana King, Beauty Blogger

Shana is the Beauty Director at Anisa International which is the parent company of our sponsor adesign brushes as well as a beauty blogger. As a Guest Speaker at our January 2012 Makeup Artists Social, Shana taught a 30 minute class on "Brushes 101" and also introduced adesign's new Natrafil brushes.

Shana has gained the knowledge, and earned the credibility to be a leader in the beauty industry. She strives to always stay ahead of the curve on industry trends and be able to identify what customers want. Shana's main focus is to educate and empower women to feel confident in their abilities when it comes to makeup application.

For more visit:

Alison O'Neil, The Beauty Becomes You Foundation

In 2005, Ms. O’Neil founded The Beauty Becomes You Foundation (BBYF) a nonprofit aesthetic health initiative that embraces a holistic approach to addressing senior hygiene needs.  The mission of BBYF is to preserve the dignity and self respect of senior adults through the provision of aesthetic health products and professional services in a safe, accessible, and familiar environment. Aesthetic hygiene services including basic hair, skin, and nail care as well as massage are provided by volunteer licensed cosmeticians and aesthetic  professionals in safe, convenient locations for seniors. We’re changing the way society looks at Senior Adults, our most undervalued National Treasure.



Sheri Brown, Web Designer,

Sheri graduated from Georgia Tech in 1984 with a B.S. in Math and began her career in technology as a database administrator for a major regional bank.   She then went on to become a national database consultant for IBM and lead a regional client server consulting practice until she started her own IT consulting firm in 1993.  Since that time, she has lead numerous large scale development projects for fortune 100 companies and developed a staff of IT professionals that still work with her today.

In 2007 she was joined in business by her husband Dave Brown and they refocused the business to bring their skill and expertise to small businesses.   Dave is a retired independent publisher of yellow page directories throughout the southeast.  He brings over 20 years experience marketing small businesses to the table and provides leadership to a dedicated sales team.   Dave is graduate of Furman University and began his entrepreneurial career 30 years ago with his first independent yellow page directory. He successfully built and sold his directories to major Yellow Page publishers over six times before joining Sheri at BeansLive.

Today they jointly lead a team of dedicated professionals helping small businesses gain an internet presence for an affordable price and offering their business experience to help other entrepreneurs grow their own businesses.

Thay Carmichael, Lash Stylist and Instructor

Thay, a Jamaican native and Georgia resident, is an Aesthetic Specialist with a passion for eyelashes and skin. She uses innovative products and procedures to achieve beauty. Thay has trained as an Aesthetician at the International School of Skin (Atlanta), with formal lash training in New York and Georgia. She holds a license in Aesthetics and several advance certifications in Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal and other aesthetic disciplines. Thay loves lashes, family, travel, hair accessories and tiaras. She believes in working diligently, giving to others, and client satisfaction. Email Thay with your skincare and eyelash questions at

Jessica Truesdale, CEO and Creative Director of True You Cosmetics

As a freelance makeup artist, Jessica's vision has been established to provide innovative, trendy, and luxurious cosmetic products that are inspired by the company’s theme and tagline…True...Timeless...Beauty... In coming months, True You Cosmetics will launch a full collection highlighting vintage and historical makeup trends that have inspired our current generation. The upcoming seasonal collections will include a series of eye shadow shades, concealers, a full face product line, and an array of extensive beauty items. True You Cosmetics firmly believes in giving consumers a flawless and innovative approach to color choices and high-end beauty products all surfacing around accentuating an individual’s “signature look”. True You Cosmetics exemplifies simplified beauty and producing the most socially responsible beauty products that are available for women of all ages and skin tones.

Just launching in October, the new ICONIC Lip Collection features a series of trendy colored, antioxidant, and vitamin enriched lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip palettes, all named after old Hollywood greats and icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, and more. The Old Hollywood inspired collection illustrates the beginning of the beauty evolution. Jessica also tells a story of her own beauty genealogy throughout her cosmetic line which includes her two great grandmothers, who were fashion and beauty business legends between 1940 and 1960. Since October, True You Cosmetics has been featured in many publications, television shows, and beauty blogs including: TheFashionList,,, Fox 8 News, CBS News 2, News 14 Carolina, WXII News 12, Skirt Magazine, Yes! monthly, Beauty Packaging Magazine, Fearless Magazine, Be Entertained Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, Charlotte Style Magazine, and more!

For more information about Jessica Truesdale and True You Cosmetics, please visit

Candace Morrow, Communications Specialist

Candace is a communications specialist who helps business owners develop key media messages to reach the right clients, sponsors and partners. A social media marketer now, Candace started her journalism career in 2004 writing news and feature stories about business professionals making positive impacts in their communities. She has held various editorial positions in the fields of aviation, beauty, boating, health and higher education. She has written for Atlanta Tribune, The Magazine, Boating World Magazine, AutoPILOT Magazine and SouthComm Publishing Co.  Today, Candace offers a range of media services using both new and traditional media to connect with target audiences. To contact Candace, click here to e-mail


Jonathan Mason, Attorney, Mason Law Group

Jonathan Mason began his legal career in 1992 as a litigator in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina office of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice. In his early years, Jonathan worked on a variety of litigation matters for major corporations and insurance companies such as Ford Motor Company, Wachovia Bank, The Travelers, and Chase Manhattan Bank. As a young litigator, Jonathan was able to gain significant “hands-on” experience by handling motion hearings, depositions, bench trials and even jury trials. Jonathan experienced his “fifteen minutes of fame” in 1995 as a member of the team that represented a Winston-Salem-based screenwriter who was subpoenaed to testify during the criminal trial of O.J. Simpson. That representation culminated in a nationally-televised court hearing opposite Johnnie Cochran and F. Lee Bailey.  Jonathan’s foray in entertainment law began with his representation of Luther Vandross, Ltd. and Bad Boy Entertainment in separate litigation matters in North Carolina. Thereafter, he began representing “talent” in entertainment-related transactions. Since relocating to Atlanta in November 1998, Jonathan’s practice has expanded to include representation of independent record labels, music producers, songwriters, production companies, concert promoters, visual artists, and fashion models. Jonathan’s practice also includes entertainment-related litigation, including royalty and commission disputes, copyright infringement, and trademark infringement matters. He has been involved in matters involving Luther Vandross, Kirk Franklin, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rickey Smiley, and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. Although Jonathan enjoys working with well-known clients, the heart and soul of his practice is dedicated to assisting unsigned artists in positioning themselves to reach the next level, or advising start-up record labels and production companies on the legal issues associated with start-up entertainment companies. In early 2004, Jonathan founded the Mason Law Group, P.C. to capitalize on his array of experience in and passion for music and the arts.

Mary Williams, Executive, NuSkin Enterprises

Mary graduated from the Loreto College in Dublin, Ireland, and after working in Dublin for a couple of years decided to go to Heidelberg, Germany to learn German.  Mary then worked in the Graphic department of a German company.  After two years with this company Mary went to Hawaii and worked in Hawaii until she returned to Stuttgart, Germany.  There she worked for the Managing Director in an American company.  After that Mary went to Denver, Colorado and worked for an I.T. company called Mohawk Data Sciences.  After eighteen years of raising her children, she entered the work force again, and worked for an International Fashion Company called Weekenders, USA.  There she achieved her goal of being #1 in the United States with this company for sales and growing a successful, dynamic sales team.  Now Mary is working with Nu Skin Enterprises because of their breakthrough technology called ageLOC in the Anti Aging Industry.  This technology that goes to the source of aging at the gene level and resets the genes back to their youthful state is also in the treatment gels that work with Nu Skin's handheld Galvanic System.  Mary is growing a strong team with this new technology.


James Wealthy, Lash & Brow Designer, Wealthy Systems

A naturally gifted, self-instructed barber/stylist who began cutting hair at age 15, he spent most of his time cultivating his art, perfecting his techniques and mastering trends. By the young age of 19, he had a burgeoning clientele. He then enrolled in the Pivot Point International Academy founded by global icon Leon Passage and completed his undergraduate training in 1992. Shortly thereafter he opened his first concept salon named Signs and Wonders in Bloomington, IL. Tailored suits, polished shoes, and humble, yet charismatic personality easily identify him. He is JAMES WEALTHY and he is truly redefining the beauty industry. James Wealthy has become a positive fixture and beauty mogul on the U.S. beauty educational circuit.  He passionately teaches his techniques to eager salon professionals at the Bronner Brothers Show, Premiere International Beauty Show, Proud Lady and American Beauty-Mid West Show.

His first celebrity client was his childhood friend, R&B vocalist, Carl Thomas. His high profile clientele consists of entertainers and athletes. He is responsible for the hair images of Josha Washington of Like Mike 2, Avieon Cason, NFL running back, "Big Mike" of Making the Band 4, and the new R&B group Day 26. He also styles Donnie Klang, a solo artist who is signed to Bad Boy Records. Wealthy was the stylist for The Sean John Fall '08 Runway Show during New York Fashion Week. Well known for being a Master Barber/Stylist, but also a Tonsorial Specialist, Brow Practitioner, Lashologist, Consultant, and Motivational Speaker, and has threaded the eyebrows of legendary motivational icon Les Brown.

Mr. Wealthy known as a celebrity Stylist yet is also recognized for his distinctive abilities to remove unwanted hair using the ancient art of threading, apply flawless lashes, deliver meticulous haircuts, color cutting, and polished finished looks. "I make a divine connection with all of my clients. I suggest ways of making their hair and skin function in proper condition. They trust and believe in me and that motivates me to always deliver a quality product and service", says Wealthy. Wealthy also mentions his favored verse Duet 8:18 "To always remember the Lord your God who gives you the power (ability) to get (create) wealth". This approach is what makes him unique. His uniqueness and professionalism is exactly why day spas, salons and trade show producers seek him out to implement innovative techniques in the marketplace.

Kat Pfender, Owner & Makeup Instructor, AtlantaMakeupAcademy

Atlanta based freelance makeup artist, Kat Pfender (previously known as Kat Flynt) is best known for her clean makeup applications that enhance the natural beauty.  With more than 20 years experience and a clientele that spans the eastern United States from Atlanta to New York, her body of work – which includes commercials, video productions, print advertising, catalogues, and fashion editorials – exemplifies her ability to enhance the natural beauty of the face as well as creating flawless, modern looks specifically for each project or special occasion. 

Kat first got her start applying makeup for an Atlanta area studio's glamour shoots in 1993. From there she began receiving requests to do bridal makeup and entire wedding parties. In 2002, after nine years of successfully proving her natural talent and self taught skills, she chose to continue her education and become a licensed Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist). Kat continued to pursue her education over the next few years during which time she also served on the freelance teams for Chanel, MAC and Bobbi Brown before moving on to the fashion and commercial advertising side of the industry.

In 2004, Kat refocused her makeup career, turning more towards fashion editorials, print advertising and television commercials. For the next ten years her focus was makeup for print advertising, television commercials and video productions. Highly skilled at clean, fresh, modern makeup application (both traditional and airbrushed), she brought to every job an aptitude for organization, creativity, and a positive attitude.  Kat founded in 2004. In 2006 Kat founded Atlanta Makeup Academy and soon after chose once again to continue her education to become a Licensed Esthetic Instructor and enrolled in the Instructors Program at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. Kat was the owner and lead instructor at from 2006 until 2017 when Candace took over. Kat has also served as a Substitute Instructor for the makeup chapter of the Esthetics program in several schools throughout the Atlanta area. Click here to view portfolio and client list.