About Our Beginning

Makeup Artists of Atlanta was founded in 2004 by Kat Flynt (now Kat Pfender) for the purpose of creating camaraderie between the Makeup Artists serving all of the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, also to provide a social gathering where these makeup artists can come together and share ideas, to provide a referral list online so that each of the members can easily send referrals back to each other whenever offered an assignment they are unable to accept due to already being booked, and to raise the bar of excellence within our profession by offering ongoing training for each artist to sharpen his or her skills.

In the early years when the group was small (5 to 10 members) we met at a different restaurant once every other month to share ideas. As the group started to grow and became too large to just walk into a restaurant and ask for a table we began meeting inside a different photography studio each time quickly outgrowing that idea due to lack of seating. By the end of 2009 we had secured an aesthetic school as one of our sponsors and began meeting quarterly inside a classroom. By the end of 2010 we had to open the divider between two classrooms and filled both classrooms. By 2014, we were renting a hotel ballroom for some of our socials.

By the end of 2016 Kat Pfender had semi-retired from working on the commercial side of the industry, returned to the bridal side only part-time, and handed over the role as President of Makeup Artists of Atlanta to Kimberly Crocker who had been an active member and served on the leadership team since early in 2009 co-hosting and coordinating many of the events with Kat. Kimberly is passionate about carrying on the mission for creating camaraderie between the Makeup Artists serving the Atlanta area.

Pictured below from left to right: Celeste Lipsey, Lisa Walker, Lisa Kennedy, Amore VanZyl, Kat Flynt and Brittany Allen during one of the meetings at a restaurant in the earlier years when there were only six names on our referral list of makeup artists.

Pictured below is a meeting during 2009 after we had outgrown meeting in a restaurant and met inside a photography studio with more than twenty makeup artists present. By this time we had a "Featured Artist" at each event providing a makeup demonstration.

In this photo below taken at our July 2010 at The Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics we had more than thirty makeup artists in attendance!

Visit www.FaceBook.com/MakeupArtistsofAtlanta to view photos from socials June 2009 through our most recent social event.

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