Makeup Artists of Atlanta is a list of Makeup Artists serving the Atlanta area who specialize in Media Makeup or Bridal Makeup.

If you are looking for a makeup artist that specializes in

Makeup for Video Production,
Makeup for Television & HDTV (Hi-Definition),
Makeup for Commercial / Print Advertising,
Makeup for Magazines, Fashion & Editorial Shoots,
Makeup for Model Tests (Portfolio Shoots),
Makeup for Weddings, Proms, & Other Special Occasions

We feel confident that you will find just the Makeup Artist you need from this list of professional, freelance Makeup Artists serving the Atlanta area and all of north Georgia.

And, if you need multiple makeup artists for a larger event feel free to click here to email our coordinator direct and
we can put together a hair and makeup team to serve your needs. We look forward to serving you.

A-List Artists:

Our A-List consist of makeup artists with a minimum of two full years experience but most of these artists have much more; many of our Makeup Artists have over ten years and some have more than twenty years experience working as freelance makeup artists for either media makeup or wedding makeup. Simply click on the artist's banner below to visit that artist's website.

Candace Collier (678) 644-9227

Kat Flynt (770) 365-2855

Carime Randolph (404) 409-1214

Kimberly Crocker (770) 630-8599

Dulce Hernandez (770) 757-3885

Myra Capri (404) 981-8790

Deidra Hamilton (334) 590-6191

Kathryn Yearwood (706) 244-0050

Natalie Fenton (678) 732-4707

Malekia Chandler (404) 482-1682

Kari Roberts (770) 990-8748

Natalie Hayes (404) 889-4845

Julia Tinhan (770) 377-8703

Dina Marie (404) 503-5166

Andrea Kessel (678) 462-8299

Michele Honore' (678) 858-5246

Sarah Elizabeth (678) 249-4591

Gayle York (404) 963-7865

Sona Martinez (678) 863-9348

Katia Mielli (678) 602-9365

Chellie Usher (404) 919-9542

Jacque Carder (404) 234-3667

New Makeup Artists:

The new Makeup Artists on this list below have completed makeup artist training at and are now working as well as accepting test shoots to build their portfolios. Please visit their new websites by clicking on their links below:

Diane Homer (404) 326-8791

Zoya Changani (770) 407-9310

Beth Urban (770) 880-8218

Glenda J Malani (678) 634-8387

Samina Qasim (404) 374-0293

Ashley Smith McGuire (678) 448-6209

Assistants List:

Assistants are our members who are brand new makeup artists that are willing to assists our A-List Artists and have completed at least one training course that included the ethics and set etiquette of assisting within the past year. Current Members can click here for more information about being on our assistants list. Not a member? Click here to sign up for our free membership.

Sarah Biggers (404) 518-8460
Since April 2014
Kristina Garfoli (818) 631-8467
Since March 2014
Brooke Armbrester (770) 630-4395
Since March 2014
Brandi Smith (470) 334-4760
Since Feb 2014
Kimberly Glasgow (404) 307-2939
Since March 2014
Meredith Byrd (706) 490-0613
Since Feb 2014
Ashley Freeman (706) 889-7156
Since Jan 2014
Kristen Hurgle (770) 314-2001
Since Jan 2014
Linda Collins (770) 271-2902
Since Jan 2014
Jenny Toney (770) 827-5788
Since Feb 2014
Zoya Changani (770) 407-9310
Since Jan 2014
Bridgette Edwards (803) 446-0986
Since Jan 2014
Ashley McGuire (678) 448-6209
Since Oct 2013
Sherry Broome (864) 367-2191
Since Jan 2014
Kelly Pittman (770) 503-4772
Since Oct 2013
Frankie Bowers (757) 718-0421
Since Aug 2013
Erica Johnston (404) 563-2459
Since June 2013
Ramona Newland (770) 876-2267
Since June 2013
Venivia Arnold (404) 272-1534
Since June 2013
Sophie Lange (308) 730-2646
Since April 2013
Whitney Caison (678) 644-8089
Since April 2013
Alana Appleby (912) 755-7056
Since April 2013
Madiha Tazien (770) 634-8779
Since April 2013
Beverly Hegmon (404) 663-5347
Since Apr 2013
Teresa Nelson (937) 626-9118
Since Apr 2013
Erica Thomas (770) 546-0115
Since Apr 2013
Jasmyn Boudrey (214) 477-1491
Since Apr 2013
Shellyann Phillip (912) 312-2199
Since March 2013
Rebekah Warlick (770) 331-2543
Since Feb 2013

It is our understanding that you do not have to be licensed to work as a Freelance Makeup Artist. In 2006, a small portion of wording was deleted and the following wording was added to the law "Such term shall not apply to a person whose activities are limited to the application of cosmetics which are marketed to individuals and are readily commercially available to consumers." Click here to read complete law. However, we are aware that there are many clients (production companies and television stations, and of course all salons and spas, etc...) that do have the requirement of being licensed (as a Cosmetologist or as an Esthetician) as part of their policies for those working as their makeup artist(s). Most of these makeup artists listed above are licensed Cosmetologists or Estheticians specializing in makeup applications for print, commercial, weddings, beauty, formal events, makeup lessons, fashion shoots, models' portfolios, fashion shows, proms, pageants, and other special occasions. If you are a client who requires the license then it is up to you to ask. You may then also click here to visit Georgia Secretary of State Website to Verify their License.

Disclaimer: We provide the above names and website listing as a free service to our clients. If you, the client, hire a makeup artist from this list it is your responsibility to check their license, credentials, or anything else required to meet your standards or requirements.

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